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Mala-tup with MALA Fried Chicken @ Marrybrown
29 Oct

Mala-tup with MALA Fried Chicken @ Marrybrown


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For those who are brave to tackle the challenge of Mala experience, get ready as Marrybrown, the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain, is introducing their brand-new, mouth-numbingly yet delectable menu MB Mala Fried Chicken from 28 October till 13 December 2020!!

marrybrown mala fried chicken sichuan chilli pepper

Staying true to their motto, Marrybrown’s latest “something different” is a combination of perfectly marinated Sichuan chilli pepper with dried chilli – ensuring a piquant gastronomic journey like no other.

Mala lovers can anticipate a punch of flavours at first bite before the intense fiery flavour of the fried chicken MALA-tup in the mouth, leaving the tongue numb and feeling burnt. The mouth-numbing Mala taste blends well with the additional spices, I can enjoy the wholesome taste with the right level of spiciness, as oppose to a flavour that is too overpowering.

marrybrown mala fried chicken mouth numbing spicy

According to Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown, the main inspiration in generating this unique tasting menu was none other than Malaysians themselves and their undying love of adding spice to their lives, while also riding on the trend of the Mala boom.

marrybrown mala fried chicken combo set

“Malaysians always have a love-hate relationship with their spices, yet we truly love having them in our food – it’s like we caught this addictive love bug! Whether it is in our Nasi Lemak or our normal stir-fry dishes, Malaysians are constantly adding on the spice due to the kick it gives. Because of this Mala mania we are seeing over the years now, we want to incorporate Mala into our menu and introduce our very own halal version for everyone to enjoy,” said Dato’ Joshua.

marrybrown mala fried chicken sichuan chilli pepper

Spicy-seeking fried chicken lovers have the option to satiate their Mala cravings either with the succulent 2-pc MALA Chicken Combo (price from RM15.90) or 3-pc MALA Chicken Combo (price from RM18.80) – both deliciously paired with a bountiful portion of mashed potato and fresh vegetable salad.

marrybrown mala fried chicken box meal

Mala Box Meal (price from RM22.60) is a combination of the fiery Mala Fried Chicken, a juicy Chicken Burger, vegetable salad, and the well-loved crispy onion rings. Fans can also add on the spice with the uniquely seasoned Mala fries to chomp on.

All the combo meals are served with a refreshing cup of Coca-Cola to help beat the heat.

marrybrown mala fried chicken bubur ayam porridge

Eating porridge is boring?? For those who prefer a milder level of spice, you can try this MALA Bubur Ayam Combo (price from RM14.60). Eating a spoonful of the heart-warming bowl of porridge will ease off the spiciness of the Mala Fried Chicken, yet still allow you to get a taste of the Mala hype!

marrybrown eggstrapadu salted egg meal citta mall outlet

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for your perfect dining experience – be it in the outlet or at home.

“Throughout our years of service, Marrybrown has released a variety of mouth-watering and delicious goodness for all our fans. However, there’s one thing that will never change, which is our goal to continuously strive and provide the best to our fans and always to create something different yet delicious for every person who walks through our doors, such as our latest MB Mala Fried Chicken,” concluded Dato’ Joshua.

marrybrown mala fried chicken sichuan chilli pepper

Come and try out Marrybrown’s latest Mala-tup menu now, which guarantee to bring the heat especially for those who fear no spice in their life! For more information on Marrybrown, its promotions and delivery services, please visit https://marrybrown.com/mb-delivery.


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