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Classic & Ancient Taste Dim Sum @ Foo Hou Dim Sum, Kepong
09 Apr

Classic & Ancient Taste Dim Sum @ Foo Hou Dim Sum, Kepong

Foo Hou Dim Sum 富豪點心樓

Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara
52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 6017-878 7652
FB : Foo Hou Dim Sum 富豪點心樓

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong spacious interior

Thanks for the wonderful invite, I recently found a new restaurant in the neighbourhood of Kepong to indulge my favourite dim sum. Located inside Wisma Menjalara, Foo Hou Dim Sum serves classic and ancient taste of Chinese dim sum that suit many locals’ taste buds.

foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong outdoor seating

I like their attentive service and the dining environment at Foo Hou Dim Sum, which is spacious and bright making the restaurant looks so inviting and comfortable. Besides the air-conditioned main hall, they also have the outdoor seating for those who prefer to dine at the open-air space.

foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong dang gui siew mai

Offering more than 40 different types at reasonable price, Foo Hou Dim Sum believes in using quality fresh ingredients to produce the taste dim sum for their customers to enjoy with satisfaction. Har Gao Dumpling, Siew Mai with Dang Gui, Homemade Fish Ball… these bite-sized steamed dim sum are best to enjoy while hot and paired with warm Chinese tea to aid digestion.

foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong chee cheong fun

Chee Cheong Fun, or also known as steamed rice roll, is another must-order item whenever I visit a dim sum restaurant. Served hot right from the steamer, I enjoy its light and smooth texture. Foo Hou Dim Sum offers few flavours for customers to choose from, including Prawn (RM7.80), BBQ Pork (RM6.80), Vegetarian (RM5.50), Crunchy Vege (RM8.60), and Yao Zhar Guai (RM8.60).

foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong steamed layer cake

Found something interesting on their dim sum menu, Steamed Layer Cake with Black Sesame (RM6.80), a light yellow cake with light and fluffy texture. The black sesame paste, which is my favourite, enhances its overall flavour but not too sweet, suitable for kids and senior diners to indulge it.

foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong bun

Packed with perfect amount of delicious filling, you won’t be disappointing with the steamed buns served at Foo Hou Dim Sum. My personal favourite would be their BBQ Bun (RM2.90) and Golden Bun (RM5.80 for 2 pcs). Other flavours which are available including Shang Yok Bun (RM3.90), Coconut Lotus Bun (RM2.90), and Pandan Lotus Bun (RM2.90).

foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong fried yam pastry

Also on their menu are deep fried dim sum like Nestum Fish Roll, Salad Prawn, Pan Fried Radish Cake, and Yam Pastry that has always been one of my favourites, simple yet tasty.

foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong tang sui

The perfect sweet treats on any day, indulge these cool refreshing Pumpkin Sago (RM6.80), Longan Pudding (RM5.80), and Chinese Herbal Pudding (RM5.80) to conclude your tantalizing dim sum experience at Foo Hou. Don’t forget to try their Crispy Banana with Red Bean Roll (RM6.80 for 2 pcs), which has a nice combination of flavours and texture.

foo hou dim sum wisma menjalara kepong varieties

Avid fans of dim sum around the vicinity of Kepong now have a new spot to hang out with family and friends. Worry about the car parking problem at Foo Hou Dim Sum there? Fret not as Wisma Menjalara provides basement parking at reasonable fees from Monday to Sunday (RM1 for every hour of part thereof; maximum rate RM5 per day; flat rate RM5 per entry from 4pm to 7am).


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