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NO Mess, NO Drips, NO Spoon with T-Sticks
13 Feb

NO Mess, NO Drips, NO Spoon with T-Sticks

T-Sticks Malaysia

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t-sticks innovative tea drinking box

Are you a tea drinker like me, who sometimes just lazy or simply forget to bring along a spoon to stir your tea? 😉

Thanks to the wonderful opportunity, I recently discovered an innovative and convenient approach to the modern day tea-drinking. Here’s how you can enjoy your luxury tea taste sensation, without the messy tea bag :

t-sticks innovative tea drinking moroccan minty

1st Step
Place your T-Stick into a cup or mug of freshly boiled water.

2nd Step
Stir the T-Stick in the water for a minimum of 2 minutes. If you like it stronger, you can stir it for longer. Sweeten and add milk as per your preference.

3rd Step
Remove the T-Stick and gently shake out excess water. Remember to turn it upside down so none drips and discard used stick.

t-sticks innovative tea drinking no spoon

I like its innovative design that uses freshly cut leaves encapsulated in perforated foiled sticks, giving a delicious cup of tea without a messy bag or any need for a spoon.

t-sticks innovative tea drinking aluminum foil casing

Another highlight that I like about this product is that the tea is released via specially made over 400 evenly-spaced micro perforations of 0.08mm on each tea sticks, so that tea tannins are not concentrated and the tea never steeps and gets bitter. Clever but simple, great work on that!

t-sticks innovative tea drinking perfectly peach tea

You may wonder is the aluminum foil casing safe to use for our health? Well of course… it is IFS (International Features Standards) certified, FDA approved, and can withstand temperatures of 121°C, reaching the high levels of quality and security for retailers and consumers.

t-sticks innovative tea drinking flavours

Sourced from tea plantations around the world, T-Sticks is a UK product, and direct import from UK. It comes in 10 delicious flavours that are well-balanced, fragrant, and unique – Breakfast Brew, The Earl’s Favourite, Zen Green & Lemon, Moroccan Minty Green, Zesty Lemon, Fruity Forest, Striking Strawberry, Perfectly Peach, Tangy Orange, and Rockin’ Rooibos.

t-sticks innovative tea drinking rocking rooibos

Among all the flavours that I tried, my personal favourite would be the Rocking Rooibos. Bursting with antioxidants, Rocking Rooibos is suitable for bedtime drinking and will not keep you up all night. In fact, Rocking Rooibos can help with insomnia and headaches, just perfect for me who sometimes will react to the caffeine.

t-sticks innovative tea drinking no mess

NO Mess, NO Drips, and NO Spoon… it is really easy to carry around so that I can indulge my tea with style anytime, anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Give this T-Sticks a try now and experience how cool it is!

t-sticks innovative tea drinking perfectly peach tea box

Selling at RM29 per box, those who are interested can head to their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tsticksmy to purchase.


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