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New Surprises You Should Not Be Missed @ The Library Coffee Bar
11 Feb

New Surprises You Should Not Be Missed @ The Library Coffee Bar

The Library Coffee Bar

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the library coffee bar 1 utama petaling jaya

Thanks for the wonderful invitation, I recently went to The Library Coffee Bar, a lifestyle coffee bar chain that is located at 1st floor in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

the library coffee bar 1 utama sofa corner

Upon stepping into the place, I was attracted with its casual cool retro interior. The ambiance was warm and bright with natural lighting, creating a cozy environment for patrons to enjoy their robust cup of coffee to pair with the selection of books found here.

the library coffee bar 1 utama popping affogato

Served with vanilla ice cream with colourful popping candies placed on top, this new Popping Affogato (RM9.90) does bring back my fun childhood memory. If you do not know what is popping candy, it creates a small popping reaction and crackling sound when it dissolves in one’s mouth. So, let’s get wild and just pour The Library Coffee Bar’s handcrafted espresso coffee over the ice cream, it is a swig of heaven in every sip.

the library coffee bar 1 utama dirty sunrise

Orange is an amazing fruit. It goes well with chocolate, and surprisingly with coffee too! This new Dirty Sunrise beverage is a refreshing combination of orange juice and The Library Coffee Bar’s handcrafted coffee. Available in Iced (RM11.90) and Slush (RM12.90), you got to try it yourself to taste its uniquely flavour. Honestly, one sip and I was pretty much hooked.

the library coffee bar 1 utama berries waffle

I love waffle, it is one of my all-time favourite desserts. Topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries, as well as a scoop of vanilla ice cream at side, this Berries Waffle (RM15) really delighted my day with its presentation and crispiness. Other flavours that are available including Classic Butter, Coco, Chocolate Banana, and Roasted Matcha.

the library coffee bar 1 utama creamy pumpkin pasta

The Library Coffee Bar also serves delicious hot foods for those who want to satiate their hunger, like the pasta selection of Pesto, Classic Bolognese, Smoky Buttermilk, and Creamy Pumpkin Pasta (RM15) that is something interesting to me.

the library coffee bar 1 utama california chicken sandwich

For light eaters, you can opt for sandwiches like Tuna, Egg Mayo, or the one we ordered California Chicken Sandwich (RM10.30). It came with a small bowl of refreshing salad and crispy chips, quite an ideal way to spend my time quietly together with coffee or tea and some readings.

the library coffee bar 1 utama roasted matcha latte slush

My Roasted Matcha Latte Slush (RM14.10), something unique that captured my attention from the non-coffee category to quench my thirst while getting rest from the shopping.

the library coffee bar 1 utama retro chic

Home to a large array of reading titles, delicious coffee and snacks, this place has become one of my favourite hang out spots.  Besides 1 Utama outlet, you can also visit these places for The Library Coffee Bar and The Coffee Brewery :

* The Library Coffee Bar 1 Utama
* The Library Coffee Bar Parkson IOI City Mall
* The Library Coffee Bar Parkson Paradigm Mall JB
* The Coffee Brewery D’Pulze Shopping Centre
* The Coffee Brewery Treats @ Petron Taman Connaught Cheras


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