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Marhaba Restaurant Signature Yemeni Cuisine @ Bandar Sunway, Selangor
06 Jan

Marhaba Restaurant Signature Yemeni Cuisine @ Bandar Sunway, Selangor

Marhaba Restaurant

Sunway Borneo Rain Forest
Persiaran Lagoon, 47500 Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-7451 6183
FB : Marhaba Restaurant 

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 11 a.m. – 1 a.m.


Thanks to the lovely invitation, I recently had the chance to sample some really nice authentic Yemeni cuisine at Marhaba, a Middle Eastern restaurant located just opposite the Sunway Resort Hotel.

With slogan ‘Celebrate Good Life With Great Taste’, Marhaba aimed to offer their customers the authentic Middle Eastern of fine dining experience combined with rich traditional Yemeni food that freshly prepared by the skillful chefs came all the way from Yemen. Marhaba’s concept was a marriage between Malaysia’s best-known hospitality and Yemen’s rich traditional cuisine blended in harmony to best serve the local Malaysians and tourists alike.


First time trying this Adeni Tea that served complimentary, I was quite enjoyed the minty taste.


Malauwah (RM7 small ; RM12 large)

Just nice to share among 2 to 3 persons, this freshly made Yemani bread was soft and fluffy yet crispy at some certain parts. I love it and was kept eating it together with the accompanied Saltah Fahsah (RM40), a rich in flavor sizzling curry with a choice of lamb, chicken or fish that cooked in a piping hot special stone pot.


Lamb Hanith (RM78)

One of the best sellers at Marhaba, this exquisite Lamb Hanith was a good mix of tender meat and extremely tantalizing taste flavored with spices that made for a mouth-watering dish to be remembered. It was such a satisfying meal complimented from an occasionally lamb eater because I do not really enjoy the smell!


Chicken Mazbi (RM33)

Served together with a large plate of basmati rice, fill your tummy to the brim with this flavorful Chicken Mazbi that chef seasoned it first with own mixed marinade before grilled it to golden brown perfection with taste-tempting flavor and succulent texture.


Honey Tammar (RM22)

A signature dessert in Yemen cuisine, this mixture of mashed bread, banana and dates tasted a bit bland to me. Hence, it is recommended to eat it together with the honey and keshta cream that placed on top for the sweet taste.


Marhaba Restaurant has another branch located at Publika Kuala Lumpur, with a spacious VIP room that can serves up to 20 guests. The VIP room offers discreet and private environment with an LCD TV, private washroom, and a long and lean oak paneling dining table exquisitely decorated to charm the guests to a beautiful dining experience.


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