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7th Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo 2014 @ Putra World Trade Centre
05 Jan

7th Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo 2014 @ Putra World Trade Centre

Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo

Hall 2, Putra World Trade Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603 9130 2655
FB : Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo

Business Hours :
Fri – Sun 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently got to visit the 7th Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo under a special blogger arrangement by the organizer.

Held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Hall 2 from 19 to 21 December 2014, it was the biggest food and beverage expo in Malaysia with around 240 participated booths and overseas exhibitors from Japan, Korea, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and America to join in as well. In addition, the expo also offered a Japan Food corner to welcome people who like Japanese products.


Roti Benggali

Available in 4 flavors, original, wholemeal, chocolate and charcoal, Roti Benggali is the best roti bakar in Malaysia using original traditional recipe since 1928.

Roti Benggali actually derives its name from “Panggali” which means “Shareholders”. A group of shareholders started the business together and named the bread Roti Panggali or bread shareholders in 1932. Local residents mispronounced the word “Paggali” and referred to the bread as “Roti Benggali” as we know it today. Roti Benggali is mostly sold by Indians and Indian Muslims only. As a result, they give the nickname “Mamak Roti”. It could also be classified as a type of roti tawar.

Read more about Roti Benggali or Maliia Bakery, manufacturer of the original heritage Benggali Bread, at www.maliiabakery.com.


Blang Rakal

Showcased varieties of Indonesian products, Blang Rakal from Bandar Aceh was among the merchants of Tastefully Expo to promote their signatures, such as Dendeng Sapi Aceh and Kopi Teungku Aceh to public as well as distributors who interested to import their products.

Read more Blang Rakal and its product range at www.blangrakal.com.


Knife, the well-known household brand for cooking oil and sauces under Lam Soon Group, also took part in Tastefully Expo with attractive promotions to reward back their loyal customers, as well as attract new users to try their wide range of other products.

Read more about other products of Lam Soon at www.lamsoon.com.my.



Schneeballen, which means snowball, is a German pastry with fascinating flavors and crisp texture from the area of Rothenburg. Available in 9 different flavors, Romantic Choco (dark chocolate), Flaky Mandel (roasted flaked almond with dark chocolate), Choco Mandel (roasted sliced almond with dark chocolate), Strawberry Love (strawberry chocolate), Nutsy Choco (roasted nut with dark chocolate), Dunkel Duke (rich dark chocolate), Dusty Oreo (white chocolate with oreo cookies), Helles Duke (rich white chocolate) and Choco Chips (chocolate chips with white chocolate), you just need to break the Schneeballen into smaller pieces inside its wrapping, and enjoy it together with your favorite beverages.

You may read more about Schneeballen at www.schneeballen.com.my.


Pop Wagon

With tagline ‘Popping Fun Into Your Bites’, Pop Wagon sells fresh fruit popsicle ice cream in varieties flavors and unique interesting shapes. Among their best sellers are grape, D24 durian, strawberry, kiwi, tropical cocktail, orange and grapefruit, tiramisu, mango, red bean, chocolate, greentea and red bean, which priced ranging from RM6 to RM9.

Besides ice cream, Pop Wagon also has flavored popcorns, check out the website www.popwagon.webs.com for more product information.



Famous in Beijing, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Xin Jiang, Shenzhen, and now in Kuala Lumpur, Flamo sells Chinese Muslim satay and Arabic tahini kebab with choices of chicken, beef as well as mutton.

Flamo also offers now the franchise business opportunity to interested entrepreneurs who wish to start a small business with low minimal startup capital of RM4,999 and RM3,999. To find out more, please visit www.flamocuisine.com.


Narmak Premium

With tagline ‘Please Love Yourself’, Narmak offers varieties of delicious cholesterol free nuts and dried fruits imported from Iran. If you are a pistachio, almond or cashenut lover, do give this brand a try!



With signature products like Oat BG22 Crispy Cereal, Oat BG22 Oat Bran Powder and so many more, Biogrow was founded on the principle of providing good health based on the concept of Nature.

Over the years, Biogrow has developed the highest quality of products using the purest and natural ingredients and combine them with the latest scientific research to create cutting edge formulas. From Nature to you, Biogrow successfully expanded their product line to 6 main categories, namely Re-Natured® Nutrients Vitamins & Minerals, Botanical Supplements, Essential Fatty Acids, Bee Product, and Probiotics.

You may read more about Biogrow at www.biogrow.com.my.


6,000 sets of complimentary goodies bag had given out to the registered visitors, and they also stand a chance to win the daily lucky draw prizes.

The Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo also setup a ‘Purchase & Win’ counter to encourage visitors ‘Purchase More & Get More FREE’. They just need to purchase RM80 and above (with combined receipt) then can entitle for lucky draw. Total up to RM100,000 prizes were offered to grab while stock last.

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