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Julie’s x Hershey’s Blogger Event @ dal.komm Cafe Damansara Uptown
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Julie’s x Hershey’s Blogger Event @ dal.komm Cafe Damansara Uptown

Julie’s Biscuits

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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently had the opportunity to try out Julie’s latest biscuit creations that collaborated with Hershey’s, the global confectionery leader, at a fun-filled blogger event held at dal.komm cafe Damansara Uptown.

julie hershey smiles in every bite

Perfect Food Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Julie’s) – Malaysia’s leading cookie manufacturer and producer of Julie’s biscuits – had been hand-picked by The Hershey Company (Hershey) for the new collaboration, which was launched in Malaysia in October 2014 before expanding across Asia, bringing a whole new level of indulgence to the Asian market.

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(from left to right)

Chocolate Chip Cookies
A glass of frothy hot chocolate, and a plate full of these chocolate dotted yummies! Dipped or on its own, this classic favourite never fails to impress the kids. Serve with favourite ice cream flavour sandwiched in between as fun party snacks.

Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies
Know you can indulge in delicious treats, yet be nourishing your body with goodness and healthy grains. Packed with toasted rolled oats, now you can indulge without guilt. Perfect! Crumble into oat meal porridge for a healthy and delicious breakfast treat.

Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies
Bite into the bold smoky aroma and flavour of hazelnuts infused in a delectable and delicious chocolate chip cookie. Crumble and use as a crunchy layer in your favourite parfait layers – banana, ice cream, pudding, sponge cake. Delicious!

Chocolate Fudge Cookies
Best when it comes in pairs. Cozy up and fulfill your chocolate desires in this decadent duo with soft, creamy choc fudge sandwiched between rich chocolate cookies. Whizz 2-3 cookies with milk and ice cream for thick and delicious chocolate fudge milkshake.

Chocolate Fudge Vanilla Flavoured Cookies
Let the magic of opposites explode in your mouth, as soft, gooey vanilla fudge melt and mesh with delightful chocolate cookie bits. For a glorious drink after a long day, add cocoa powder and round cookies into piping hot milk. Stir to combine well, then add extra cookie crumbs for garnish.

Chocolate Waffles
Dig into soft, creamy, rich, luscious ice cream with the crunchy contrast of buttery waffles to create a purely indulgent dessert combo. This is life, and its simple pleasures! Perfect as beautiful borders on tall cream frosted cakes. Classy and sophisticated.

julie hershey smiles in every bite chocolate waffles

“We are thrilled about our new partnership with Hershey,” said Mr Martin Ang, Director of Perfect Food Manufacturing. “Both brands were built on the same ideals and values, and I believe it is this foundation which sealed our partnership.”

He added, “After many months of testing and preparations, we are only too excited to reveal the product of all that hard work – the new Julie’s Hershey’s cookies. Available in 6 variants, each cookie carries its own distinct flavour. Our launch marks the successful beginning of Julie’s and Hershey’s exciting new venture.”

julie hershey smiles in every bite cookies

Selling at RM7.90, the 6 new Julie’s Hershey’s cookie variants will be available in all major hypermarket and supermarket stores. The product will be launched in phases throughout Asia and all ASEAN countries, Taiwan and Mongolia in early 2015.

For more information please visit www.julies.com.my.


More photos at FOOD Malaysia facebook page, a Malaysian food and lifestyle blogger since 2010

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    Hey Ivy! Thanks for the writeup. It was great to be able to meet with you during the event! I hope you enjoyed yourself 🙂 Keep in touch and have a great day ahead <3



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      Thanks Miriam again for the lovely invitation 😀 Take care ya!!

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