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Auspicious Chinese New Year With Coca-Cola
26 Jan

Auspicious Chinese New Year With Coca-Cola


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Symbolism plays a huge role in Chinese culture and this is especially so during Chinese New Year when decorations, household items and dinner dishes each have an auspicious role in bringing good fortune or “fu” for the year ahead.

coca-cola malaysia chinese new year design

So to contribute to the auspicious start of the year, Coca-Cola is introducing eight “fu” can designs to bring good fortune in several areas of one’s life.

Each can design bears the “fu” character, upside down as it is always done during this time of the year to symbolise good fortune pouring out, that is depicted in a way to also be auspicious in the areas of romance, education, health, wealth, success, good blessings, abundance and family.

coca-cola malaysia chinese new year fu design

In addition to having delicious happiness, which is what “Coca-Cola” sounds like in Chinese, each of the cans brings with it an auspicious boost during the Chinese New Year period that helps to ensure happiness and prosperity while complementing the meals and snacks that fill the tables of every home.

And there is ninth can design, but only three of them, that is made of 22K gold worth RM60,000 along with 88 gold-plated bottle caps but they can only be acquired by purchasing RM30 and above worth of products from participating Coca-Cola brands.

coca-cola malaysia chinese new year whatsapp contest

Prizes :
3 grand prizes worth RM60,000 each – 916 gold Coca-Cola cans
88 gold plated Coca-Cola bottle caps – 999 gold plated pewter

Simply :
1) Purchase RM30 or above of Coca-Cola products (including participating brands) in a single receipt.
2) Whatsapp <HI GOLD COKE> to 016 936 4753, and you could be one of the Winners!

The limited edition “8 Prosperity” designs will be available from 25 Dec 2017 and the golden opportunity ends on 25 Feb 2018. For more details, please call 603-9054 6300 or visit Cokeurl.com/CNYMY2018.

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