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My Delectable Destress Spots @ 1 Mont’ Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
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My Delectable Destress Spots @ 1 Mont’ Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

1 Mont Kiara

1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-6203 0615
FB : 1 Mont Kiara

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun


Do you know that ‘Stressed’ is ‘Desserts’ spelled backwards?!

For me, the best way to relax is to de-stress with dessert. Whether is ice cream, coffee, chocolate, or pastry, there should be something that tickles your fancy on my list of favourite delectable de-stress spots at 1 Mont’ Kiara.


Will You? Cafe (L3A-02, 3rd Floor)
FB : fb.com/WillYouCafe

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur will you cafe green oasis

Loving the ambiance here at Will You? Cafe. Situated on the highest floor at 1 Mont Kiara, you can enjoy affordably priced meals with Asian and Western influences under the cool shade provided by tents and trees from the accompanying Green Space.

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur will you cafe linguine

I usually order their Salted Egg Shrimp Linguine with Aged Parmesan (RM18), one of their signature mains that I never stop craving for.

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur will you cafe wyc breakfast

Opened as early as 8 am during weekdays, you can also stop by Will You? Cafe to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy their scrumptious breakfast dishes like Congee, French Toast, Omelette, or my favourite The WYC Breakfast (RM14) with fried eggs, toast, sausages, baked beans, cucumber and tomato salad.


Hachi Bakery Cafe (G-20, Ground Floor)
FB : fb.com/BakeryCafeHACHI

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur hachi bakery cafe interior

Decorated with a modern and distinctively Nihon interior design, this warm bakery offers varieties of Japanese styled handmade bread and buns that are fresh from the oven daily.

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur hachi bakery cafe bread loaf

If you are bread loaf lover like me, then you must try the ones at Hachi Bakery Cafe. Chef Chinami Date uses a special technique to make it soft and create that irresistible mochi-like texture, which retains even after storing in the freezer.

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur hachi bakery cafe burger

Hachi Bakery Cafe also offers its customers simple food offerings like burger, sandwich and salad that will appeasing your taste buds deliciously. Avocado Wasabi Burger (RM17) and Teriyaki Burger (RM15), my all-time favourites here that never fail to impress me with its wonderful flavour and texture.


PastryVille (L1-25 & L1-25A, 1st Floor)

FB : fb.com/PastryvilleInt

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur pastryville coffee

PastryVille goes beyond offering tasty and healthy pastries, as the place also provides a conducive ambiance for patrons to savour these delicious foods in a relaxing environment.

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur pastryville pastry

Their wide selection of breads and pastries are baked fresh daily using the timeless traditions of French baking techniques. Featuring over 50 delectable treats in every outlet, I always take longer time at PastryVille to choose my favourites as most of their dainty delights look so wonderfully delicious.


Kind Kones (LG-07, Lower Ground Floor)
FB : fb.com/kindkones

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur kind kones ice cream

Satisfy your sweet indulgence without much guilt?!

Kind Kones only uses the kinds of ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen to make their sweet treats. Nothing derived from a food laboratory, only 100% natural and fresh ingredients.

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur kind kones ice cream sea salt caramel

I fell in love with their Sea Salt Caramel flavour recently. Knowing that Kind Kones is not filled with thickeners, preservatives, colourings, flavourings, and other additives, I can really “taste the pleasure, not the guilt” with every bite of their desserts.


Union Artisan Coffee (G-09, Ground Floor)
FB : fb.com/unionartisancoffee

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur union artisan coffee beverage

If I have some spare time, I like come to Union Artisan Coffee sometimes and enjoy a steaming hot mug of coffee while relax with a magazine against the beautiful art adorning their walls.

1 mont kiara fnb union artisan coffee

Union Artisan Coffee is the result of a team of passionate people who enjoys making coffee passionately. Doubling up as a roaster itself, Union Artisan Coffee is a display of the team’s dedication in brewing the perfect morning cuppa for the 1 Mont Kiara community.


Geláre (G-25, Ground Floor)
FB : fb.com/gelaremalaysia

1 mont kiara fnb gelare

Specialising in gourmet ice cream, Geláre uses fresh milk and cream alongside with top quality ingredients and advanced manufacturing technology to make their creamier, fuller, and more flavourful ice cream. I also like their bake-to-order waffles, which is a divine match with Geláre much-loved ice cream.

1 mont kiara kuala lumpur gelare brewed coffee

Geláre also serves full meals such as pasta, sandwiche, salad, freshly brewed coffee, and other hot food items, making it the ideal place for customers to treat themselves.


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