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Easy & Tasty Chef Wan’s #PerfectTogether Recipes With Mission Foods & Emborg
08 May

Easy & Tasty Chef Wan’s #PerfectTogether Recipes With Mission Foods & Emborg

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#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya spicy tuna anchovy pizza

Looking for quick and easy recipes in preparation for the month of Ramadan as well as Hari Raya celebration?

#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya

Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently joined the perfect duo, flatbread leader Mission Foods and dairy giant Emborg, for their lip-smacking #PerfectTogether campaign event at Glasshouse Seputeh together with the legendary culinary maestro, Chef Wan.

Throughout the month of Ramadan and leading up to Hari Raya, Chef Wan will be sharing tips and his own original recipe creations pairing together his favourite Mission Foods and Emborg products. The #PerfectTogether campaign promises creative twist to well-loved recipes and the discovery of endless possibilities of the 2 brands’ products combined in various delicious and delightfully convenient ways.

#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya demo

“Collaborating with Mission Foods and Emborg for this campaign has truly been an inspiring and wonderful experience. Ramadan and Raya is all about bringing family, friends and loved ones together to share a meal either during sahoor or breaking fast. Hence, these recipes were created with a combo of the best ingredients from Mission Foods and Emborg. They truly are #PerfectTogether,” said Chef Wan, the internationally acclaimed chef and national treasure.

#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya mutton murtabak wraps

In his demo of recipes like Mutton Murtabak Wraps, Spicy Tuna and Anchovy Pizza, as well as Coconut Banana Cheese Wrap Tarts during the event, Chef Wan also highlighted the best ways of using both products, including tips and info on the nutritional values.

#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya randall tan

“The #PerfectTogether collaboration of Mission Foods and Emborg combines a melody of textures and mixture of quality ingredients, complimentary to each other. Mission varieties are the perfect canvas to create any sort of Malaysian recipe, from our Naans to Supersoft Wraps and crunchy Tortilla Chips that are bursting with flavours. Simultaneously, Emborg products like Cook & Bake, Cheddar Cheese Topping, Butter and Cooking Cream adds depth of taste to the dishes,” expressed Randall Tan, Brand Manager for Mission Foods South Asia.

#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya kennet paulsen

Speaking on the collaboration, Mr Kennet Paulsen, Country Manager for Emborg said, “We are always looking for ways to heighten the experience for the consumers to enjoy our products and this #PerfectTogether collaboration between Emborg and Mission Foods is definitely a perfect way of showing this. Consumers have been enjoying the best quality Emborg products and now we paired them with Mission Foods products in delicious recipes, in time for the coming Ramadan month and Hari Raya.”

#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya coconut banana cheese wrap tart

There will be a total of 10 quick and easy #PerfectTogether recipes available in bite size online videos for consumers viewing pleasure, either in the comfort of their own home or on-the-go. The series will be exclusively shown on Instagram via Mission Foods Malaysia, Emborg and Chef Wan for everyone to enjoy. Do check out also their Facebook pages at fb.com/missionfoodsmalaysia and fb.com/EmborgMalaysia.

#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya influencers

Malaysia’s favourite food influencers such as Juliza Adzlizan, Didie Nasir and Danish Harraz among others will be part of the #PerfectTogether campaign as well to share their own twists to Chef Wan’s recipes.

#perfecttogether mission foods emborg chef wan ramadan raya

For more information, please visit Mission Foods and Emborg websites at www.missionfoods.com.my and www.emborg.com respectively.


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