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Healthier Snacking Alternatives With Mission Foods Tortilla Chips
23 Dec

Healthier Snacking Alternatives With Mission Foods Tortilla Chips

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How do I satisfy my snack craving guilt-free?

With an increased interest in all things healthy such as clean eating, positive eating, and the recent ‘superfood’ trend, consumers like me are always on the lookout for nutrient rich ingredients with multi-fold health benefits such as oats, soybean and the increasingly popular black sesame.

mission foods healthy tortilla chips multigrain and corn rice dipping sauce

Tasty, versatile, and perfect for those looking for healthier alternatives to snacking, do give these Multigrain Chips and Corn & Rice Chips by Mission Foods a try! No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, these chips are made of 100% corn and also have 30% less oil than potato chips, Mission Foods has just taken the art of healthy snacking up a notch with these new flavours.


mission foods healthy tortilla chips multigrain

The Multigrain Chips are made with whole stoneground corn and enriched with superfoods such as oats, soybean, white and black sesame, and linseed which gives it a distinctive nutty taste and a grainy texture, making it an ideal snack on its own or with an equally healthy dip.

Do you know that oats has numerous health benefits, among which is to help control blood sugar levels and to get rid the toxins from body. It also improves digestion and is a source of good proteins. Soybean helps reenergise body and heart, improves digestive and bone health, and improves metabolic function. Black and white sesame which add a rich nutty flavour to the chips, are proven to have powerful health promoting, anti ageing properties and are loaded with healthy fats such as Omega-6 and fatty acids. Linseed nutritional powerhouses packed with essential amino acids and Omega-3, which help improve brain health.

mission foods healthy tortilla chips multigrain and corn rice less oil

Enriched with super foods and super nutrients, I can now have more bites of Mission Multigrain Chips without the guilt.


mission foods healthy tortilla chips corn and rice

Perfect for those looking for a gluten free savoury snacking alternative. I personally like Mission Corn and Rice Chips this flavour better. It is made with whole stoneground corn treated with lime, and rice meal, giving it a mild yet richly satisfying taste without the added guilt. The mild yet balanced taste of the chips makes it ideal for dipping with any sort of dip, whether spicy, creamy or chunky.

mission foods healthy tortilla chips multigrain and corn rice

Nice to enjoy with home-made or store bought dips, I also stocked up few packets for sharing at parties and gatherings during the upcoming festive season. Mission Foods will be organising free-tasting of the new range at participating supermarkets. You can also get a complimentary microwavable container for purchase of any two packs of chips in conjunction with their festive promotion.

mission foods healthy tortilla chips multigrain and corn rice

You can also try other flavours of Mission Chips like Original, Cheese, Tomato, BBQ, Butter & Garlic, as well as Hot & Spicy, which are available in 65g and 170g bags priced at RM2.99 and RM6.99 respectively in retail. For more information, kindly visit the website at www.missionfoods.com.my.

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